Dec, 12

Arts Digest: Art Association opens show with open house, fundraiser

Art Association opens show with open house, fundraiser

Dec, 12

El Paso third on Men’s Health’s “America’s Fattest Cities”

El Paso has been ranked third among Men’s Health Magazine’s “America’s Fattest Cities.”

Dec, 11

Financial frontera: Maquila workers bridge barriers

About 33 years ago, it often took visual acuity and problem-solving tests to bridge the language barrier between applicants for assembly line jobs and U.S. startup management in some Juárez maquiladoras.

Dec, 11

Ready to explore: Ex-El Paso anchor Michelle Valles enters a new stage in life

“Last year, I lost all my hair to the German measles,” Michelle Valles says, feigning distress with a melodramatic — and fake — Texas accent.

Dec, 11

Court faces dilemma following Planned Parenthood outburst

DENVER (AP) — The man who launched a deadly attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic could push a Colorado court into a tricky decision: Was it was an act of political zealotry or mental illness?

Dec, 11

Bi-national Conference on Modern Slavery: At summit, delegates from El Paso, Juarez combat trafficking

As human trafficking continues to plague the United States and Mexico, officials from both sides of the border held an anti-trafficking conference Saturday to discuss ways they can work together to combat it.

Dec, 11

El Paso businessman Adrian Peña, wife face new federal fraud charges

An El Paso businessman serving a prison sentence after his conviction on federal public corruption charges has been indicted on four new, unrelated charges, along with his wife.

Dec, 10

Charles Hooten: Downtown stadium would ultimately do more harm than good

When I was county commissioner, I was very proud that El Paso County hired a nationally prominent master planner.